Hey up. I’m Ryan Taylor. Nice to meet you.

I’m a graphic designer and front-end dev by trade, living in Manchester, in the UK, but very often loitering in Berlin. Wie geht’s?

I’m the founder and Creative Director of Umlaut — a branding agency — and Dead Keen coming soon — a lifestyle platform.

Other than that, I’m learning German, love video games (Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey currently), fashion, have a bit of a hobbiest obsession with photography, Japanese cuisine, and I’m a hopeless Apple cultist — soz ‘bout it.

Oh yea, and music. Music is big for me. Think disco, funk, soul, 90’s RnB, and early hiphop. IRL, you’ll find me at HMD Berlin quite a bit—the dance floor is my home-from-home. Let’s dance.

Or just say hey on Insta or Mastodon.

Umlaut Projects


Frida Rome — Brand Identity

Design of a modern, brand identity, for a premier vegan fashion house. Dragon's Den Winner, 2022.


Shutterstock Academy

Design of a new user experience for Shutterstock’s Academy of creative learning.

Other stuff


Hiking up Rivington Pike

So I went for a wander and ended up trying to best Rivington Pike. Although really it was just an excuse to get the drone out. Come see!


Sounds of the Summer 2022

I curated a playlist of disco, nudisco, electronic, acid jazz, and house — perfect for those long hours working in the summer months. Some oldies, and some goodies


Back to Berlin: Die Beste Stadt der Welt

My latest Berlin trip condensed to about a minute. Enjoy!

Affiliate Links

I’ve been using the following products and services for a long time, they’ve helped me a bunch in my career from starting as a freelancer to building an agency, and I use them for all my professional and personal work.

I highly recommended checking them out!

Backblaze — Online Backup

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I use Backblaze for all my online backups. It's the very best online backup service with no spam, easy setup, and piece of mind that your important files are backed up offsite. Retrieval of backups is super-simple.

Hover — Domains

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I’ve used Hover ever since Adam was a lad. They aren’t spammy, they’re customer service is top tier — you can speak to an actual person, for starters — and their pricing is super-reasonable.

Epidemic Sound — Music

30 day free trial

If you’ve got a creative project that needs anything from a sound effect to a whole soundscape, these are your guys.

Digital Ocean — Servers

$200 credit

If you need space on the web, be that a server, droplet, kubernetes, or app platform for your next project, these are your people. I use them for all my client and personal projects.

Dropbox — File Backup

Additional storage space

I use Dropbox for general file management for sharing files, backing up, and managing file share with clients.