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Hey up, I'm Ryan. How's tricks?

I'm a Creative Director, graphic designer, brand consultant, and web developer, based in Berlin, Germany, and Manchester, UK.

I’m the founder and Creative Director at Umlaut — a branding and development agency, Head of Design & Development at Chain Reaction — a SaaS platform bringing certainty to buying and selling your home, and founder and designer at Dead Keen — a lifestyle platform. I also provide fractional brand, design, and development consultancy to a select number of handpicked clients.

I also designed and actively curate the music playlist platform, Scratch, and I am a regular writer for Shutterstock.

Other than that, I’m learning German and piano, love video games (Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey for the win!), fashion, have a bit of a hobbiest obsession with photography, trying to learn how to fly my drone, but it isn't going too well, Japanese cuisine, and I’m a hopeless Apple fanboy — soz ‘bout it.

Oh yea, and music. Music is big for me. Think disco, funk, soul, 90’s RnB, and early hiphop. IRL, you’ll often find me misbehaving at HMD's Berlin residency at the Prince Charles by Moritzplatz — dancing is fuel for the soul, you know.

And, feel free to say hey on Threads, Insta or LinkedIn; always up for a brew and a natter.

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